26 November 2017

The Lion Case

Charlie Chaplin´s The Lion´s case and the Polytonality of my composition for that scene.

The Lion's Case from 1928 The Circus (despite original was a silent movie a score of Gunter Kochan was added in 1969), here like in my older Charlie Chaplin scene Easy Street I use Polytonality or best said Bitonality to recreate a mood of hilarious humor beside a cartoon scoring style that point out several movements and actions. Like I said in my older post Polytonality or Bitonality have been used extensively by composers since Igor Stravinsky used it in his score for the Ballet Petrushka, but if we want to look for the origins of use of this technique to express feelings of humor, we have I think to look Mozart's musical joke where the genius of Salzburg use some wrong notes to generate laugh in the audience, the French composer Darius Milhaud was an important exponent of this technique, but with different approaches.

This is a topic that can generates many musicologist discussions and disagreements, but this is not the scope of this post but point out the marvelous potential of expressiveness that this compositional technique gives us to create not only funny cartoon moods, but an incredible amount of artistic possibilities like in the beginning of the third act of the Puccini's last opera Turandot where we can hear a very beautiful exotic sonority that moves so deeply . I hope you enjoy this score version of the scene of the lion's case from The Circus.

The Lion Case



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